“Top Tens” Thus Far (2013)

Tim Challies – My Top Books of 2013  “…these are almost certainly not the 8 best books of 2013 in any objective sense; rather, they are my favorites, the ones that have remained in my mind and impacted my life since I read them.” (13 books in all. Eight he personally reviewed and an additional five he enjoyed but didn’t review)

Aaron Armstrong – My favorite books of 2013 “…reading is one the few hobbies I have, regularly reading well over 100 books a year …a few were legitimately great. Here are the ones that made the cut this year.” (His list includes two childrens titles! and a few honorable mentions)

Kevin DeYoung – Top Ten Books of 2013 “This is simply a list of the books (Christian and non-Christian, but all non-fiction) that I thought were the best in the past year.” (In order to qualify “best” he ask four helpful questions.  He also includes a few honorable mentions.)

Todd Pruitt – My Obligatory Favorite Books List  “Admittedly, the “My Favorite Books Of The Year” posts are a bit self-indulgent. But personally, I like to read people’s favorite books lists.So, with the expectation that at least my parents and in-laws will be mildly interested…” (I appreciate the fact that he categorized his list)

Jared Wilson – 10 Books I Read This Year (2013)  “Read this year, not necessarily published this year.” (Possibly the most diverse list I’ve come across yet. Includes John Owen as well as “The Exorcist”)

Trevin Wax – My Ten Favorite Reads of 2013  “…I am not claiming these are the most important books of 2013 (since many weren’t even published this year). Instead, I choose ten books (and an honorable mention) based primarily on how much I enjoyed reading them.” (Most include links to extended excerpts or quotes from the book and or a link to his review when applicable.

Russell Moore – Best Books I’ve Read This Year “… in no particular order (other than the random pile sitting in front of me).”

Titles that have appeared on more than one of the above list thus far are as follows:


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