On Writing; Because Books Need Authors

The Best Writing Advice You Will Hear Today
“How would you suggest a young Christian writer go about developing a style?” C.S. Lewis responds.

Seven Basic and Brief Pointers for Writers –  “In no particular order of importance, I would encourage those who want to learn the wordright life to approximate something like the following…” By Douglas Wilson

Arent’ There Enough Christian Books Already? – “Yes, if you mean formulaic, redundant, platform-driven, artless compilations of blog posts or sermons. Indeed, there are too many of these kinds of books.”  By Barnabas Piper

Seven Standards for Good Writing – “What is good writing? This book isn’t very good. That one is. But what is this “good”? Some might say good writing is only a matter of preference, but that gives too much power to one with limited taste. If you only like theology books then Pat Conroy’s heartbreaking novels won’t seem so good to you. But you’d be wrong…” By Barnabas Piper


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